Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ådalen miniatures now available.

I´m very glad to tell you that, after a long wait, the miniatures from my friend Björn´s  Ådalen Ranges are available for purchase:)

If you want to order them right away go here !

If you want to read more about the minis or the Swedish army during the early 20th centery go to Björn´s  exellent blog.

Here coms a first sample of the painting guides Björn are working on for his Ådalen Miniature range. This time the Swedish Infantry Uniform m/23.


  1. According to an email I got my 30 are in the post.I can't wait to see them..
    By the way are you going to share a little with us about the different factions in the VSCW scenarios you have planned?

  2. Best wishes with the Adelan Miniatures, the painting reference is a nice touch.

  3. The miniatures in the ådalen range looks great

  4. Not my period but they look very good..I like the idea of the colour painting scheme plates.

  5. Very nice range of minis. Colour painting plates, as Paul has said, is a great idea.
    Good luck!!!