Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lion Rampant AAR #5

I and Jonas Introduced some friends to the latest draft of Dan Merseys medieval skirmish rules "Lion Rampant" here comes soem pictures from the game and a short AAR.


Swedish Crusaders
2x6 Knights
3x12 Ledung soldiers

Baltic Pagan
1x6 Hird
3x12 Warriors
1x6 Skirmishers
1x6 Horse Archers

We run the scenarion there the Pagans should defend their Sacred Temple that the crusaders had to burn. Two units of pagans was at the Temple in the middle of the gaming area, the rest of the pagans woud arrive as reinforcements.

The Swedish Crusaders emerge from the deep baltic forest and try to make a swift advance forward the pagan temple to cleanse it by fire...

The Pagans assamble their small force to defende their Temple...

The Bishop of Åbo and several Swedish noblemen ruch forward in the name of their god...

The Pagans are ready to set-up a stiff recistance amongst the old oaks...but they seems to hesitate a bit...

As the Crusaders advance the pagans at last understan that they are safer in the woods...

Eager to win glory for their god the Crusader Knights makes a headles charge in to the forest to get to grips with the pagans...

The Crusader Knights ofcourse get their butts kicked by the Pagans, that have the advantage of the terrain, and have to retreate...

Pagan reinforcements closing in...

BUT... the uneducated Pagans decide that it is a REALLY good idea to follow the Crusader Knights out in the open...

The Pagan charges a groupe of Swedish Ledung soldiers...

...and are forced to retreat back forward the forest...but still in the open...

Crusader Knights like to have their pagans served in the open...not a single pagan was left to be converted to the true faith...

One of the groupes of Crusader nights advance to meet the threat from the Pagan reinforcements...

The Crusaders chase away the Pagan forces in from of the Pagan temple as the Pagan Horse archers ruch forward shooting to no vain...

The Crusader Knights respond as usual with a charge...AND manage to catch up with the horse archers...

Pagan horse archer are no match for the glorious Crusader Knights...

In a last desperate effort the Pagan Warlord ordere his Hird to charge in to the Bishops depleted Knights...

Not a fair fight the Pagan Warlord and his Retinue slaughter the Bishop and his last Knights...

Losing their Bishop the Crusaders loses their faith and decides to retreat and fight it a nother day...

We had a greate game and the new commers quickley gasped the basics of the rules, the new (old to Dan) combat system worked well and the Knights wasn´t the Ultimate Killers they have been in the last games, they are still very tought but absolutely more balanced.


  1. Beautiful figures and great terrain. This is a very interesting scenario. Best, Dean

  2. Very nice table and AAR !
    But Knights must to be unstoppable?? :)

  3. Excellent report... and I cannot tell you how much I ENVY your tables!!!!

  4. What a great report and such a wonderful sight - wow!

  5. Come on the pagans, lovely eye candy my friend!

  6. Fantastic figures and terrain. An interesting AAR about this ruleset, too.

  7. Amazing!! Great looking knights, wonderful flags and a fabulous battlefield, as always!

  8. Lies, it's all lies I tell you! ;)

    Great AAR Michael and a fun game. I think the tweaks on the knights were good; they're still really dangerous but not unbeatable.

    But ... as I remember it it was actually the Heathens that gave up and not the Crusaders! :)

    1. Indeed a fun game Jonas !

      Do you insinuate that the picture lie, the bishop was slain and the Crusader cause lost...every one was pleased, they had a reunion feast and everey one was happy;)

      Best regards Michael

  9. Great figures and report. Thanks

  10. Brilliant figures and banners, they all just shine.

  11. That's one lovely looking game and a great report too!


  12. Interesting looking battle. I like the fact that the pagans had a chance against the knights.

  13. Very interesting battle indeed.....nicely done, the table and figs are superb.

  14. Great looking aar.
    I must say that the fantasy GW trees looks most fitting to an winter project like this. Even better when they grows besides an heathen temple...

    Some realy nice and atmospheric pictures.

    1. Thanks !

      I thought the GW trees looked like old oaks, just the sacrifised animals and slaves missing...

      Best regards Michael

  15. Stirring stuff - looks like the good bishop needed some military order knights to watch his back ;-)

    1. Appreciate Stephen !

      Not to may order knights up in Sweden by the time...

      Best regards Michael

  16. Thank you very much my friends!

    I´m glad that you like the minis and terrain!

    Best regards Michael

  17. Great AAR Micheal!! the miniatures looks ACE!