Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sievska Musketeers for Finnish War 1808

The last weeks I been painting me some Russian Infantry for our Finnish War project. I opted for the Sievska Musketeers as they was at several occation brigade together with the Grodno Hussars in the Russian Vanguard.

I toil you before that I´m not a Napoleonic gamer and I have found it hard to get the correct uniform info for the uniform for the Sievska Musketeers as it was different in different sources...so I just choose one of them that I think looked good, so might not be historical correct to all you experts but at least one expert will be happy as I used his info ;)

Was also nice to see my Grodno Hussars and a Historical background for them by Guy Bowers at the WSS blog, please take a look after you have looked at my Russian Infantry.

The minis are from Brigade Games Napoleonic range.


  1. Splendid looking figures! I really like these!

  2. Every period of play you guys do inspires me to buy more figs...Stop it! :D

  3. These are just great -well done!

  4. Lovely figures another project well on the way 😀

  5. Historically correct or not, these are fantastic looking models Michael!

  6. Great.
    Great work once again.
    It is always a pleasure to visit

  7. Your Napoleonic figures look superb Michael.

  8. Question, are you guys using the choose man or Sharps practice rules? If the Chosen man, what is the unit strengths they are going for? And what is the basing size you are using? I know a lot of questions.

    1. Sharps practice are the rules we have used so far. Ospreys Chosen Men are released in November and I havent been part of any play testing so i havent got them, but will indeed try them out.

      I base my minis using my 1,2,3 basing,


      trying to get 4 bases with possibility for cassual removal in each 8 man group. Have worked fine with Sharps Practise in the games we tryed out.

  9. Wonderful work Michael. Just gorgeous!

  10. Thank you all so very much ! Glad you like my work !


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