Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sci-fi Dragon Rampant AAR

Sins my 7-year old son David have got his first Marines painted up he was of courese eager to get a game with them. I searched throught some of my old stuff and found the Chaos Marines I painted some years ago and we was of to the club for a test game. 

As David are wery familiar with the Lion rampant and the Pikeman´s Lament rules I thought Dragon Rampant would be a good choice of rules for our first game, just had to decide how to handle the different sci-fi troops using fantasy rules... but as Dans rules are very adaptabel there was no major problem.


Marines (David)
2 Squads of Terminators one with the Leader @ 8pts (Fielded as Elite Foot with Missiles)
2 Squads of Marines @ 6pts each (Fielded as Heavy Foot with Missiles)

Chaos (Michael)
1 Demon that was the Leader @10pts (Fielded as a Greater Warbeast with Wings and Cunning)
1 Squad of Chaos Terminators @6pts (Fielded as Elite Foot)
2 Squads qith Chaos Marines @6pts each (Fielded as Bellicose Foot with Chaos Armour of 3)

As we were a bit short of minis we decided that some of the squads was reduced model units.You migh also notice that the Chaos force dosent have any ranges weapons as I decided they only would use them at short range i.e. in Close Combat.

Both forces started in a corner of the gaming table and had orders to seize the objective in the middle of the gaming table and hold it by the end of the game, David decide that it was a futuristic candy machine, free candy for the winner:)

We played 8 turns and then roll a dice to see if there would be one more turn, In our game we had 11 turns before the game ended.

I won´t write a turn by turn AAR as I hope the pictures tell most of the action, just let us say that the Marines managed to shoot away the opposition and reclaim the candy machine.


  1. Great looking game. Never thought to use Dragon Rampant for Sci find games

  2. Another stunn9ing looking game, the lad has done a great job on those Marines.

  3. Excellent! In the grimdark future there is only candy! :-) Great job of using the Rampant rules. They can handle just about anything. /Mattias

  4. Love the random "action" (blurry) picture in the middle of the fray.

  5. Nice looking game and nice use of DR rules😀

  6. Get 'em when they're young!
    God job!

  7. Quality report and miniatures.

    Cheers, Ross

  8. Definitely something different for this blog, but looks great!

  9. Cracking looking game and nice to see you and your son having fun. Great idea to use Dragon Rampant for sci-fi:)

  10. I have twin 7 years olds and I am so giving this a try with them! Awesome stuff, thanks!

  11. That's one pretty awesome looking gamne!


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