Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Swedish Napoleonic Infantry - What minis to use?

As there are no good Swedish Napoleonic Minis out there so I have during the years built me some from plastic ones using brigade Games British Marines heads, but it have been quite much work for each mini.

So when now restarting our 1808 project much have been due the release of some Perry mini that might work with just minor conversion work, the BH 96 Centre companies firing line, round hats, 1801-07. and for Command the BH 93 Infantry command standing, officers round hats 1801-07.

As some conversion work are needed my matey, and copartner in crime for this Napoleonic project, Mattias have just posted - Swedish Napoleonic Soldiers in 28mm (Part II) - a Modeling Tutorial for Line Infantry at his blog, please continue your read there.


  1. Interesting. Would be nice to add some swedes to my collection :)

  2. Try these guys http://www.siegeworksstudios.com.au/cart/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=577

    1. Thanks for the tip Dave, I had a look at them before, but unfortunate I actually dont think they look rather good,to slender and not Perry quality. Also the uniforms are wrong for 1800-1810ish as they have a later Swedish uniform called uniform model 1810 that was used by the Swedes at the Battle of Leipzig 1813.


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