Saturday, April 6, 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks AAR 1

Some weeks ago I and Jonas had out first tryout of the Muskets & Tomahawk rules. I run my Mohawks and Jonas his Frogeaters;)


Mohawk Indians
1x Sachem w Rifle and Natural Talent
2x6 Warriors
2x6 Bloodthirsty Warriors

1x Light Troop Officer
1x10 Compagnies Frenches de la Marine
1x6 Canadian Militia
1x5 Indians

We set up the terrain per the rules and rolled for scenarios, my Mohawks got the Slaughter objective and Jonas French men got the Scout objective, so Jonas also added 20points of free Civilians that I was to try to Slaughter... We have later understand that the ones haveing the Slaughter Objective seems to have a greate advantage...

As both forces was Indians and/or Irregulars they started on blinds, we used singel minis with a postit piece under the base to tell if they where a real unit or a dummy, worked fine as we both disslike gaming tables with "confetti" on:)

Now some pictures from the game:

The French Civilians was deployed on the back side of the cabin, Jonas hoping to be able to get them away and meet hes troop arriving from of table...

The single Mohawks are the blinds for hiden movement.

A note about the terrain, arround the houses and the field it was considered open terrain, The templates with big trees was considered Very Difficult Terrain and the rest of the board with the light wood was considered Difficult terrain.

A group of Bloodthirsty Mohawks made a swift advance on the left flank to try to catch the fleeing Civilians that got caught up by the Difficult terrain...

A group of Mohawk warriors seeking cover in the field and behind a fence to give fire support to the Mohawks moving in for the kill...

The Compagnies Frenches de la Marine moved quickly to try to save the poor Civilians...BUT not quick enough as just in close sight they witness a the Slaughter of all the civilians... anti climax for the froggys in turn one !

We decided to play out the whole turn to try out the rules some more...

2 Mohawk blinds on the right flank.

The frenchmen sent in the Canadian Militia to help out to pick of the Mohawks...but to no vain...

Fire support from the cornfield... and the french officer seems to try to save his own skin...

The small group of Hurons that sided with the French meet up with a Bloodthirsty bunch of Mohawks...a good end for the Mohawks in this very short first try out game...

Even though our game turned out very short it was a nice first tryout of the rules. We surley forgott several rules but we also discovered plenty of rules that was not clearly writen/explained in the rules, we will have to take some time to run through the Studio Tomahawk forum in search for answers

There will absolutely be more Muskets & Tomahawk games played:)


  1. Great game. The table, minis and pics are outstanding

  2. Nice report, i'm tempted...


  3. Nice AAR and great looking miniatures and terrain as Always :)

  4. Absolutely love it ... looking forward to seeing more sir! Great painting.

  5. Great looking table. A good read but i now want a game haha

  6. Great AAR, as is usual. Fantastic table and figures (from "Galloping Major"? Very nicely painted!

  7. Excellent figures, terrain, pictures and battle report. I like the idea of using a single figure for a blind.

  8. Fantastic looking forces all around. You could title this one "when great painters collide!

  9. Great report Michael! Lovely photos!

  10. Nice report and super looking game!


  11. Awesome stuff, love this game!

  12. Game looks awesome and the blind idea is excellent. We had our first last week and finished a 400 game with 5 people in less than three hours. We thought it was lots of fun and a great ruleset.

  13. Thank you mateys !

    One more AAR in progress...

    All my minis and Jonas Canadian Militia (red caps) from Galloping Major, the rest of Jonas Minis are from North Star.

    It worked realy nice to have single figures as blinds, look better on the gaming table.

    Best regards Michael

  14. Great AAR Michael!

    I'm thinking about doing some special blind markers by mounting crouching/scouting models on 40 mm round bases. Using the actual models as blinds had it's problems, as we found out in our last game.

    1. Thanks Jonas !

      Indeed a need for extre models that not are used for the units, but I´m not sure I will base them on bigger bases as I might want to use them to game with in some other game, so I was thinking more to make a "single tray" for the ordinary bases just so it is easyer to see which minis are blinds...

      Best regards Michael

    2. You could do a sabot version, like I did for my Saga warlord and you did for your Indian chief. Hm, I might do that actually ...

  15. I really like the look of your indians. What colours do you use?

    1. Thanks Torbjörn, appreciated !!!

      do you wonder about the brand of colour or the exact shades?

      Almost all my colours are from the Vallejo Model Color range.

      Something about my painting...

      I always prime in black (Vallejo or GW spry primer), then I block paint the different shades. Then I wash/ink? the mini using Armypainter Strongtone (ink not dip) it´s almost ad the GW Dewlandmud i used to use.

      Then dry I make a qucik highligt, most often with the basic colour again, some time I also make a 2nd highlight, but very rarely.

      Shades used when painting my Indians (all colours are Vallejo Model Color and highligted after the wash/ink with the same shade if not mentioned)
      Skin: 021 Medium Flechtone
      Buckskin light: 120 Buff
      Buckskin dark: 103 German C. Beige
      Blacktanned lether: 167 German Grey
      Lether: 144 German Cam. Pale Brown
      Wood: 135 Beige Brown
      Metal parts: 178 Natural Steel
      Brass parts: 175 Bronze
      Yellow: 121 Yellow Ochre
      Blue: 053 Dark Blue, Highlight with the same or with 063 Andrea Blue to get it stand out.
      Red: 137 Cavalry Brown Highlight with the same or with 028 Vermillion to get it stand out.
      Black: 169 Black with a higlight of 167 german grey

      ...and some other colours that I just pick from my rack.

      Hope its help:)

      Best regards Michael