Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Building a Swedish Napoleonic Soldier

I´m in the progress of building me some Swedish infantry for my Finnish War 1808-1809 Project. As I will buld every single one of them I thought I should share some pictures of how I make them, if you by any chanse also would like to make you some;)

The base for them are Perry Dismounted French Dragoon body and British Marines heads from Brigade games. I will also make som of them using the Perry British Riflemen bodys.

To make the Swedish hat out of the British Marine Heads I just gently bend the leftside hat brim stright up against the bottom of the feather. Take it easy so you don´t breake the feather, the brim or the face of the head...

Now to the carving...the  ammo box have to be moved down and the clip on the bandolier removed. I also filed and cut a hint of a belt all around the waist.

The upper part of the riding boots had to go and they was made in to a pair of gaiters that ended by the knee.

The Backpack are from a Victrix Austrian Grenadier and I used the ammo box and also the Cutlas. 

The Swedes didn´t cary the backpack as usual but more like a Haversack on the right shoulder, so I will add that to the minis that already have some belt/straping from the right shoulder, the french dragoons haven´t. 

The musket are also from some Victrix plastic kit.

Just to start glueing...

Some pictures of the almost finished mini.

I used some green stuf to cover the joints of the Muskets arms

On the left back side I will add the Cutlass and Bayonet scabbard.

I will start painting him when I build 5 more of them...


  1. Nice work Michael, thats a complicated comvertion done well

  2. Excellent work on the conversion Michael! Such a lot of work though!!

  3. It does seem like a lot of work but you've figured it out pretty well. You must have a huge bits box.

  4. Impressive work !!! I'm not able to do such a conversion : congrats and Thanks for sharing .

  5. Awesome conversion! I really applaud the combination of parts, if only 1:72nd models were as easy to convert! As always keep it up and one last thing, I quite liked your Baltic Crusade models- enough to look over the Field of Glory book detailing that era! Regards David

    PS How do you like Victrix parts, I'm asking because I disliked their British sets: the bayonets on the guns were SO easily broken!

  6. What a fabulous conversion Michael, I always end up rushing anything like this and end up with broken bits littering the table!

  7. Thanks you mateys !

    Absolutely some work behind each and every one of them, good its a skirmsih project;)

    Don´t know if my bitbox are that huge, I got good help from some fellow gamers with bits of use:)

    I must agree with David that some of the Victrix plastic bits, like the rifles are realy fragile. the back packs i used have been good, but they are by nature more solide. Sizewise they match quite good with the perry parts.

    Best regards Michael

  8. It is a really complex project, Michael, but can be very rewarding.

  9. Looking good so far... Really looking forward to seeing my backpacks put to use! ;-)

    1. Thanks Burkhard!

      Havent been done if i haden´t got the backpacks from you, thaks for the help !

      Best regards Michael

  10. Great conversion. I realy like what you do for this project.
    Unfortunately I never have the patience needed for a project this Sitze.

  11. Thnaks my friends, glad that you follow my project!

    Now I only have to get through it without cuting my fingers to much...

    Best regards Michael

  12. Very clever Michael. I'm learning as you go!

  13. Do you happen to have any leftover British Marine heads that you would be willing to part with for some compensation? :)

    I was planning to build up Sven Dufva for Curt's Painting Challenge and sourcing a single head (or at least less than 24) is bit of a challenge.