Friday, April 26, 2013

Dux Suecia AAR Teaser

Here are a short teaste post about a upcomming AAR from a game of Dux Suecia i.e. migrating the TFL Dux Britanniarum to 15th centery Sweden and the Kalmar Union War, that we played about a month ago.

In the last game the Union forces managed to stop the Swedish rebells advance at Hedemora and they had to withdraw back to the region Dalarna for two month to gather new forces. In the mean time the Union forces started to besiege the Castle of Västerås that had shifted allegiance and was now in the hands of the rebells.

The Union influence was raised to 5 and I choose to use it to get the Commander and Cousin to the Archbishop, Erik Nilsson of the House of Oxenstierna apointed "Marsk", in english: Lord High Constable of Sweden.

In early December just befor the first snow the Rebells once again left the saftey of Dalarna and started to march to Västerås to lift the Siege...

BUT when approaching the village of Skultuna some kilometre outside of Västerås they run in to a big union forage party that was out to get their hands on the christmas food. This translated in to the Raiding a Village scenario in the rulebook:)

Swedish villagers try to saw their cattle from the Union Knechts.


  1. Great teaser...waiting for next post!

  2. Hooked! Great opening shot.

    I might as well go order up Dux Brit right now. You play it and I follow in your footsteps!

  3. Great!!! Now, awaiting the next AAR of this fantastic and epic adventure.

  4. Very good teaser!!!
    I like the figures on the picture: I hope that I will see them again... and in a better way !

  5. This sounds very promising! As you know I'm experimenting with Dux myself, so I'm looking forward with great interest how thos one has worked out...

  6. Thanks Mateys!

    I´m working on the AAR and hope to have it up in an houre or so. We will continue the campaign tonight.

    Best regards Michael