Monday, April 29, 2013

Dux Suecia Campaign AAR #4

About a month ago I and Jonas had a game planed in our Dus Suecia Campaing, i.e. migrating the TFL Dux Britanniarum to 15centery Sweden and the Kalmar Union War,  unfortunaly Jonas got sik. I invited my friend Martin to command the Swedish comes a short AAR and some pictures from the game, sorry for the unsharp pictures.

In the last game the Union forces managed to stop the Swedish rebells advance and they had to withdraw back to Dalarna for two month to gather new forces. In the mean time the Union forces started to besiege the Castle of Västerås that had shifted allegiance and was now in the hands of the rebells.

The Union influence was raised to 5 and I choose to use it to get the Commander and Cousin to the Archbishop, Erik Nilsson of the House of Oxenstierna apointed "Marsk", in english: Lord High Constable of Sweden.

In early December just befor the first snow the Rebells once again left the saftey of Dalarna and started to march to Västerås to lift the Siege...

BUT when approaching the village of Skultuna some kilometre outside of Västerås they run in to a big union forage party that was out to get their hands on the christmas food. This translated in to the Raiding a Village in the rulebook:)


Swedish rebells forces (Commanded by Martin) 
Influence: 4 (Need to get 5 before he by the Allmoge will be elected Hövitsman/High Leader of the rebellion)

Commander Nils Bosson Sture of the House of Natt och Dag
2 units of 6 Allmoge each

Leader Sten Gustavsson of the House of Sture
2 units of 6 Allmoge each

Leader Ivar Axelsson from the House of Tott (That more or less just have turned side from pro union to rebell)
2 units of 6 Allmoge each

Union forces (Commanded by me) 
Influence: 0 (Lowered by 5 due to the appointment of Marsk after the last game)

Commander Marsk Erik Nilsson of the House of Oxenstierna (Cousin to the Archbishop)
2 units of 4 Skyttar each

Leader Erik Karlsson from the House of Vasa (Brother in law to Erik Nilsson)
2 units of 6 Fotknektar each

2 units of 4 Handgunners/Skirmishers each

First some pictures of the quiet village of Skultuna...

The children are playing...

No worries...


- Hurry up to get the cattle out in the forrest, the Archbishops men are comming to steal all our food...

The union forces was allowed to make several moves befor the rebells could enter the table. 

Erik Karlsson from the House of Vasa advanced along the road with the German Fotknektar (Mercenary foot infantry) and some groups of Skärmytslare (Skirmishing handgunners).  

The Union Marsk Erik Nilsson of the House of Oxenstierna made a flank move with the two units of Skyttar (mounted crossbowmen).

Close to the village the rebell forces emerged from the surounding woods.

The rebells sends a third of their forces to advance through a small forest and try to out flank the advancing enemy infantry.

The union leader sends in responce some skirmishers to protect the left flank of the advancing soldiers, at the same time the union mounted crossbowmen advance quite slowley forward the village.

The Swedish rebell leader Nils Bosson Sture of the House of Natt och Dag manage to get to the village first and start to deploy his Allmoge the open...

More Allmoge soldiers start to close in on the union footknechts, their leader start to get worried...

A large force of rebells under command of Sten Gustavsson of the House of Sture have chased away the union skirmishers and are closing in through the forest. 

The union leader Erik Karlsson from the House of Vasa decide to try to stop them before they have a chanse to make Bråtar (timber baricades)...

The union knektar charge the allmoge in the forest, a fierce fighte emerge that will continue for quite some time...

The union cavalry see their comrades charge and tries to advance faster to the village. At the same time as a group of union skirmishers have reached house in the village and start the search for food...

The Union Marsk Erik Nilsson of the House of Oxenstierna lead his cavalry in to the village encountering a considerable amount of Swedish Allmoge.

The union infantry manages to puch back the Swedish Allmoge in the forest and turn left to face even more of them...

Overwiev of the confused battle...

Drilled German mercenarys in the union service advance throught the forest puching the Swedish allmoge back...

Half of the union cavalry dismount to be able to make a outflanking move through the fenced field.

At the same time the union skirmishers have found a bunch of pigs to steal...

The union cavalry decide to charge the Allmoge that desperatly tries to deploy a good defence in the open...

I all becomes a slaughter of the Allmoge, they are not up to withstand a charge by Heavy Cavalry in the open, at least if they not in close order formation...

The cost of the charge was high for union cavalry to losing 50% of the men but the rebells was on the flight...

The only rebells that still put up a fight was a group of Darlecarlians under command of Ivar Axelsson from the House of Tott...

Ivar Axelsson from the House of Tott and his unit managed to make a controlled retreat away from the village. The union cavalry was to exhausted to make any pursuit...

The union soldiers managed to get hold of a greate amount of food for the christmas feast to be hold outside the walls of Västerås Castle, awaiting the garisine to give the castle up...

The union got all their losses replaced within a month and gaining 1 more influence.

The rebells had to once again withdraw back to Dalarna for two month to gather new forces, they would be back in March 1467 hopefully soon enought to lift the siege before the castle of Västerås had to surender...

More about that in the next AAR:)


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