Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Medieval Perry Plastic...

I can hardly wait for the Perry Plastic box of 'Light' Cavalry 1450-1500. They seems to be perfect to build me more Mounted Crossbowmen for my Kalmar Union War project, BUT i´ll suppouse they won´t be released untill Christmas or worst case Salute 2014;(

'Light' Cavalry 1450-1500 

"This box will contain 12 mounted figures that can be assembled as either Coustilliers/Hobblers or Mounted Crossbowmen or Mounted Archers. There is no release date for these yet."

Foot Knights 

"This will be a box of 36(?...not sure yet!) foot knights or more acurately, dismounted Men at Arms. They will be all advancing/attacking in pose with seperate arms and heads as usual and will of course be able to be mixed with previous medievil boxes. There is no release date for these yet."

I realy like the Ironhat on the mounted 3-up as it looks a lot like the ones some of the Swedish allmoge uses in the 1502 drawings by the german Mercenary Paul Dolnstein. I hope for more of them;)


  1. Good news !! thanks

    but not for my wallet...

  2. I'm looking forward for the foot knights. Love some advancing and attacking poses. Not fond of their War of the roses infantry as I find the poses you can do rather stiff.