Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 more Swedes built

Here comes a couple of pictures of some more Swedish Infantry minis I have built the last days for my Finnish War 1808-1809 project.

Heads are from the Brigade Games Napoleonic British marines.

Most armes and backpacks are from different Victrix kits.

The bodys are mostly Frensh Dismounted Dragoons, British Riflemen and the one with the foot on a stone are from the Frensh infantry command sprue if I recal right.

More minis to build...

AAR: Sanctuary - a 15th century skirmish 

...and last a smal advert about a realy greate battle report. My friend Mattias at the Northern Wargaming blog have poste a AAR of a game there they are using the Lord of the Rings ruleset depicting a 15th century peasant ambush on a bishop and his retinue, and all during my favourite wargaming period the Kalmar Union War:)  please have a visit to his blog and amazed by a truly greate AAR.

I snuck this picture from him just so you should know what to expect;)


  1. This is great D, I love a good conversion, and Napoleonic Swedes are cool.

  2. I say they are nice conversion there

  3. Thank you very much !

    Sorry Rodger but I some how managed to delet your comment...

    I post it here instead:)

    "Rodger has left a new comment on your post "5 more Swedes built":

    You have been busy Michael. They are looking very good!"

    Best regards Michael

  4. Very nice conversion, Michael; an interesting project!

  5. Conversions coming along very nicely indeed.I look forward to seeing them in action...

  6. Very interesting Michael. Those are great conversions.

  7. Can't have too many Napoleonic Swedes. Nice to see your progress.