Saturday, April 20, 2013

Painting a Swedish Infantrymen for the Finish War 1808-1809

God Morning !  I wish all you lucky one that will go to Salute today to have a realy good day, I hope I manage to get there next year and see you all!

So to the painting, I post some pictures of how I paint my Swedish Infantrymen for the Finish War 1808-1809. My aim are as you might remember to paint them as Nyland Infantry Regiment in the uniform from 1802 drwn by the Swedish Officer Carl Gustaf Gillberg (1774-1855)

I use Vallejo Model Color range if nothing other is stated.

Black primer, I use GW or Vallejo

A quick bruch with the base uniform colour, Basalt Grey - 162. And the skin are painted with Flat Flesh - 18.

Collar, Lapells, Cuffs and Turnbacks was painted with Dark Blue - 53, The Shoulder straps are keept grey. The belts was painted with Buss - 120.

Hat, Gaitors and Ammo box was painted with German Grey Dark - 167. Hat plume was painted with Yellow Ochre - 121. 

Rifle stock with Beige Brown - 135 and the Rifle Barrel and Bayonet with Natural Steel - 178. The Sling was painted with Cavalry Brown - 137.

All brass details like the Hat band, Belt buckle and Buttons was painted with Brass - 174.

All was covered by Army Painter Ink - Strong Tone.

Here the hawkeyed might notice that I added Cutlass and bayonet scabards, I actually forgot them at first...

I now highlighted al colours using the same colors as for the base. The beltscolours got a second high light using Ivory - 5. and the skin was high ligthed with Basic Skintone - 17.

Just the base left to do...

Have a nice weekend !!!


  1. Very nice work, and figures...I'll follow this work on this interesting army!

  2. I really like these, brilliant stuff.

  3. Great work and thanks for sharing. I appreciate seeing it step by step!