Saturday, February 4, 2012

Last Ceorls

The last 8 ceorls for Earl Ethelstones Warband.

Now I have two 6 point SAGA warband and I might start painting some for my Kalmar Union War project again, at least until the Norhtern Fury supplement for SAGA are out;)

Minis from: 1x Perry (Crusader),2x Gripping Beast (Plastic), 1x Unknown, 1x Perry (Crusader), 2x GB (plastic) and last 1x Foundry (Saxon)


  1. They look excellent! Great shields. Quick question, how many fatigue markers would you approximately need per side for an avarage game. I'm painting some casualties and shields for this but not sure how many I need..Thanks, Michael

  2. Thanks Michael !

    fatigue our 10+ games, 4-8 points, we use a common pool of fatigue markers and never used more then about 20 at the same time... Might need some more if a you play against a Anglo-Danish player that don´t consume the fatigue markers and rather let then be for the enemy units to get exhausted...

    So about 20-25 in a pool for both sides would probably be enough.

    Good luck with the painting !

    Best regards Dalauppror