Saturday, February 25, 2012

Claymore Castings Sample

I was kindly offered a pre-production sample from the newly established miniature company Claymore Castings that is run by David Imrie/Saxon Dog and Andrew Taylor.

Their first range are Scotts for the Otterburn 1388 Campaign Sculpted by Paul Hicks. I´m told there will be Brittish troops to, but first some Scots Archers and some more Scots Spear (without Swords and paded armour...

The pre-production sample I got was one of the Scots Spear from pack OT3. The mini was very nice sculpted with clear details and a dynamic pose. The cast was very good and without any clear mould lines.

It matched perfect with the Perry HYW and WOTR minis I mostly use for my kalmar Union War project.

I will defently get me some more of these and mix in to my Swedish Allmoge units, I think it will turn out very well as they used what armour and equipment they got even though it had been used by grandpa back in the good old days:)

Here are a couple of pictures (sorry for the lousy pictures) of the Claymore mini with a couple of Perrys and a Kingmaker mini as a amature size comparison;)

There are better pictures of there unpainted and painted minis at the Saxon Dog blog. or in time at the Claymore Castings site.


  1. Excellent! Thanks for the comparison picture. The claymore casting miniature looks great. (And so does the Perry's as always)

  2. Great - a comparison with a Perry. Just what I was after :-)