Saturday, February 11, 2012

Claymore Castings

Claymore Castings are a brand new miniature company by David Imrie and Andrew Taylor.

They plan to release some very promising 28mm minis, sculpted by Paul Hicks, for the Otterburn campaign i.e. war between the Scotts and the English, in the end of the 14th century.

The minis so far, Scotts, look realy good and will be perfect for my Swedish Allmoge units as they used quite outdated equipment in the 15th century, as did the Swedish nobility so the commanders will find their way in to some units to...

Just start waiting for the planed release in april:)


  1. They are great looking figures to be sure. Looking forward to their release too.

  2. These are wonderful. I'm tempted!!

  3. A cunning plan as Baldrick might say...

  4. As you mentioned, they could work perfectly for a swede.
    And sutch a beutifull batch of miniatures to. They look realy fun to paint.

  5. Just received some samples fron David and I can vouch for the excellent quality of these figures.

    Very nice detailed castings and great dynamic poses. Very evocative of the 'period'.


  6. I agree. They are excellent miniatures. Really dynamic scupts and great detail.
    It will be interesting to see how they match up in size to Perrys ranges. I assume that they will work fine together. Maybe Darrel has some info on this?