Monday, February 13, 2012

House of Stenbock

Here are the last 6 knights of the 24 I started to paint last autumn:) No more knights untill the Perry Plastic Knights are released...

This time the Kinghts are under command of Gustaf Olofsson of the House of Stenbock.

Coat of arms for the House of Stenbock

The House of Stenbock mostly sided with the pro-union and the Danish King, they was so called border nobility with estates on both the Danish ans Swedish side of the border in nowerday southern Sweden. They had much to lose, regarding trade and estates if the Kalmar Union would scatter...

Gustaf Olofsson was knighted in 1448 by the new Swedish King, Karl Knutsson of the House of Bonde

In 1452 he was Head of the Elfsborg Fortress, that he surendered to the Danes, now considered a traitor, Gustaf Olofsson and he´s House turned side to the pro-union and the Danish king, not the last time they turned side during the coming 20-years of internal conflicts in Sweden...

The minis are mostly Perrys, I think... except for the banner holder that are a old GW Bretonnian mounted Yeoman...


  1. Nice job - the bases are particularly fitting

  2. Really nicely done.

    Is there anything available in English about, for want of a better term, Northern European Heraldry?


  3. Thanks !!!

    @Darrell. Ther arn´t much in english, not what I know of...

    You can find some realy nice wargaming flags (Medieval Sweden/Denmarg/Germany etc) at Dansk Figurspilsforenings site:

    Best regards dalauppror

  4. Great figures and lovely banners and pennons

  5. Ah, I believe I know that site very well! :O)

    Another senior moment from me I fear :O))