Monday, February 27, 2012

Basing Allmoge Soldiers

Here are a short un throug about how I base my minis for my Kalmar Union War project

Base Sizes:

Infantry: 3 minis on a 40x40mm plan to use 6 of them in 2 ranks for a average Hail Ceasar Unit, i.e work for Impetus to as the frontage will be 120mm.

Cavalry and Commanders: 2 mounted or 1 mounted and 2 flag bearers on a 40x50mm base.

Artillery: ...havent decided yet as I havent painted any one up... might have to use a wider base I will probably go for 60mm.


Here are 3 minis from Perry, Claymore Castings and a Perry glued to a 40x40mm base.

I paint the whole base with a mix of cheap brown paint, PVA-glue and water...

And dip it in my Sand mix. The Sand are a mix from several manufacturer mainly Games Workshop and Zitterdes.

Here I have applyed some green Games Workshop flock using PVA-glue.

I use to paint some of the larger stones with Gray colour to get a little more contrastes in the base, this time I used a Vallejo Model Color, Medium Sea Grey #158.

Now I have added some green Foilage (Woodland Scenics) and Tufts (Army Painter) and then I soaed the whole base with Scenic Cement (Woodland Scenics) to seal it all.

Pictures of the finished base then the Scenic Cement have dryed...


  1. I haven't seen basing like that before, definitely different and good......

  2. Looks very effective. I've not seen "Scenic Cement" before, is it a kind of varnish or sealant?

  3. Thnaks !!!! Glad to contribute with some thing new;)

    Scenic Cement I would say is a sealant or a expensive way to sell PVA glue and whater..but I think i work. Read more about it here link

    Best regards Dalauppror