Sunday, February 26, 2012

Painting Allmoge Soldiers

I thought it would be perfect to show how I paint my Allmoge Soldiers using the per-production sample I got from Claymore Castings.

I paint on a basecoat of brown using Army Painters primer Fur Brown. After the primer has dry I tidy up missed areas with Vallejo Model Colour, Beige brown #135.

I use to block paint, startin with the metall colours, then the face and all clothes and details.

All paints I use are from the Vallejo Model Colour range

Arms and Armour - Natural Steel #178
Flesh - Flat Flesh #18
Padded Jacket - Yellow Ochre #121
Hoses - Luftwaffe Uniform #105
Belts and scabbard - Hull Red #146
Bots and wepon Shaft - I left in Beige brown #135

Next step are to soak the mini in Games Workshops Dewland Mud.

I have tryed Vallejos equivalent, but I didnt realy like it, and the Army Painters quickshade are to smelly to use at home.

Now it is time for High most case then I paint several minis at the time I only high light the Arms, Armour and the face. For characters I use to High Light the whole mini.

Then I high light I usally use the same colour as the base starting with a gentle dry bruch of the metal parts.

The Hull red i use to high light with Cavalry Brown #137 to get a reddish feel.

Next step are to fix the base, more about that then I painted 2 more minis for the base.

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