Friday, October 16, 2015

Plastic Medieval Russians from FireForge Games

I´m very glad for the news that Fire Forge games will release a complete new range of figures, Medieval Russians :)

What I´m most exited about are that there seems to be a box of Plastic Russians Infantry in the plans, as well as extra minis in Resine.

The range will be:
  • Russian Infantry (Plastic Box): 25 multi-part figures of Russian Infantry/dismounted Druzhina with lamellar and chainmail armours. You can equip them with bows, spears, maces, two handed axes, swords. 2 types of historiated shields, 1 simple round shield. 
  • Russian Infantry Command (resin blister pack): 3 multi-part figures, 1 commander, 1 horn blower, 1 standard bearer (2 type of hystoriated banners) 
  • Alexander Nevsky (1 resin mounted figure) 
  • Druzhina Cavalry (resin blister pack): 4 mounted figures in each pack. There will be different packs to assemble Junior or Senior Druzhina with several weapon options. 
  • Chernieklobuki (resin blister pack): 3 mounted figures in each pack.
I seems like they will try finance the expensive production with a "Forgestarter" that will be some kind of pre-order run starting next week, if all go to plan, and it will en by 31 December 2015, I hope you all will join in so we can get some propper baltic Crusades going on;)

As a part of this Forgestarter and pre-order you will get the figures early and also the chanse to get hold of some unique and free, limited-edition pieces as the Swedish Commander at the Battle of neva Birger Jarl :)

Burn and Loot ruleset
Fire Forge will also launch the Burn and Loot ruleset: a skirmish version of  Deus Vult game system, they are at the moment updating army lists that will remain downloadable for free from their website. With Burn and Loot you will be able to play with  20-30 figures up to large battles, from the little clash of patrols up to city fights and sieges.

I haven´t seen the rules yet so can´t tell much more about them but as soon I get the chance I let you know what I think, but I suppouse it will be hard to put Lion Rampant out of the medieval skirmish game throne;)

That was all info i managed to get hold of I hope that FireForge will tell more on their webb or facebook page soon.

Have a really nice weekend !

Here are 3-up of one of the plastic Russians, looking good to me and I really hope it will be possible to mix them with the other Fire Forge Plastic sets as I want to use some of them for my Swedes as they could use armour inspired by the russians but with more westernized head gear...and beard :)


  1. Very interesting news! I suppose my Novgorod force could use some padding out eventually. :)

    And as you say, with a bit of conversion they will work for Swedish troops as well as there were a lot of Eastern European influences when it came to equipment.

  2. More temptation...
    The plastic Russians sound great.
    Have a great weekend too.

  3. Damn you... Michael... Oh well, why even try to fight it.

  4. Hey, great news, thanks for sharing! Where did you get the pic from?

  5. Can't wait to see what you do with these.

  6. Perfect for Baltic Crusades etc. Sadly not my scale but will watch with interest none-the-less.

  7. Look nice lots of things I could use these for. And fire forge excellent value

  8. Hm... baltic crusades. Hope Ottakarus II Premyslid Froces will be as viable option ;-)

  9. Plastic Russians in 28mm? What's not to like? Thanks for the update!

  10. Great News! At last my Teutonic Army will have an enemie :). I am waiting for more news.