Friday, October 23, 2015

Honours of War in the post

Yesterday I got me a review copy of Honours of War in the post. The rules are writen by Keith Flint and is a part of the Osprey Wargaming series and are due to be released 20 November 2015.

The rules are in the ordinary Osprey wargaming series style, 64 pages of lovely gaming pictures, drawings and the rules ofcours, that this time are dedicated Seven Years War rules.

I haven´t had the time to read it all yet, but I will be back with some sort of review later on when I have had a test game of two. Now I just need to find some suitable minis to use, maybe my American War of Independence collection will see the daylight again after several years in the boxes... and yes I know AWI was not a part of SYW but close enought for some test gaming at least;)

While you waiting for the release of the rules be sure to take a look at the authur Keith Flints blog.


  1. Looks very interesting, multi or single based? Jesper and I have a large SYW collection.... Just saying ;0) Two weeks ago I was visiting Leuthen, so I'm pretty motivated for a SYW game right now!

  2. Your collection of rules must be rather impressive by now ... ;)

  3. You will enjoy the game I'm sure Michael. Have played games with the author (a good friend of mine) from its earliest incarnation, I can honestly say they are very, very good rules. We have been playing them for several months now in advance of their release and haven't been able to find fault with them:)

    We have used the for the '45 Jacobite Rebellion and plan to use them for the AWI as well. In fact Keith is popping round in a few weeks time for a game set during the '45.


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