Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Gaslands, playtest #1

Saturday I and my son had a first playtest run of the upcomming  post-apocalyptic vehicular rules Gaslands by Mike that are to be published in 2017 by Osprey as a part of their Wargaming serie.

Can´t tell much of the rules so far but both I and the Son had a greate time driving and shooting in the wasteland:)

Here are some pictures from our game.

The Nordic Wastland ;)

We started out light with a lone Road Warrios with his custom muscle car armed with autocannons and boosted by turbo upgrade played by my son...

 ...and I got 2 pic-ups with some mean Wastland Marauders with small arms...

We also added a angry gigantic stag beetle that was very keen to protect his turf, i.e. if any of us would get to close he would be activated and start to chase the closes vehicle trying to gore it.

The wasteland marauders driving forward their prey...

The road warrior started to move of the road to  attack the wasteland marauders from the flank and get his autocannons with  in range...

...the wasteland marauders split up to try to box their enemy in, but it all eded up in a first full contact with the road warrior...

...both cars bouced off with minor damages...

With the red enemy car out on a detour the road warrior accelerated and managed to move up just behind the blue car with wasteland marauders opening up with his autocannons...

...the blue cars was shoot to pieces and only one of the crew survived the crash...

...but not for long as the road warriors lust for blod made him runover the poor wasteland marauder...

...the red car was back just to end up in front of the road warriors guns...

...the speed was to high for the road warrior to make any use of his lethal autocannons instead hi tried to rip up the red wasteland marauder car, but  managed just to cap one of the crew members...

...they passed by each other and the road warrior made a handbrake move...

...ending up a bit to close to the angry gigantic stag beetle that imediate tried to attack...

The wasteland marauders cheer as they fought the ending up a bit to close to the angry gigantic stag beetle would smash the road warrior...

The road warrior was terrified by the approaching beast and managed to just get our of the way with the use of his turbo boast...

...the turbo boast moved the road warrioer closer to the wasteland marauders...

...they was pasing by each other with blazing guns...

...and the wasteland marauders ended up just in the claws of the gigantic stag beetle...

...the gigantic stag beetle gave them a real dance before the wasteland marauders managed to escape...

...the two remaining cars was trying to avoid the angry gigantic stag beetle as well as they tried to get in possition to shoot each other to pieces...

...high noon duell...

...the road warriors muscle car was in flames, but he managed to escap at first...

...the wasteland marauders thought they won the day but they hadn´t reccon on the Road Warrior that didn´t see him self as defeated even losing his car...

The wasteland marauder car was blown to pieced by the road warriors automatic shotgun

It all ended up in a two man showdown amongst the burning car wrecks... the same time the gigantic stag beetle started to move in the direction of the two remaining fighters, smelling evening dinner... a swift move the road warrior made a run awau from the approaching gigantic stag beetle, manage to get in cover and opened up on the remaining wasteland marauder that got hit right in the chest and fell in a pool of blood...

The road warrior just had to settle the score with the gigantic stag beetle and then he could start to collect the spoils of war...

Indeed we had a greate game of Gaslands. Will have more games and put togheter some feed back for Mike.

For this game we used a 180x120 table, 28mm minis and 1/43 scale toy cars and the gigantic stag beetle are a plastic toy from a museum store.

You will see more adventures of the Nordic Road Warrior here at my blog, be sure;)


  1. Not my sort of game at all but it certainly looks great:)

  2. Another great table and fun-looking game!

  3. Oh man, this looks so cool! I love the models and the terrain.

    How do the rules play? From reading your AAR they seem to give a fast and fun game with lots of action.

    Another question: How many models and/or vehicles do you need to start playing? Am I right in assuming you'd only need one of each at a minimum?

    I'm sorely tempted to jump in on this game. I have some GorkaMorka vehicles that could be pressed into service.

    1. Good that you like it matey i was hopping for your participation in this. Ill be glad to tell you more IRL :)

  4. It seems that is doesn't matter what era you play but all the tables look absolutely superb.

    1. Very kind comment Michael !

      Can't post pictures of not good looking games can I ;)

  5. Certainly looks great Michael!

  6. Great looking game. I love the fire markers too.

    1. Thank you !

      All credits to My matey Nisse for his firemarkers :)

  7. Wild and wacky! I love it!! :>)

    Very Dark Future-esque but looks like great fun and in 28mm too!

    Now then., where to start collecting 28mm cars from????


  8. Nice, looks like you hade a greate game.

  9. Very cool! The rules seem to provide a good game. Nice that it apparently works with just a few vehicles. /Mattias

  10. Cool looking new game!
    looking forward to hear more about it!

  11. Cool looking game - love that Stag Beetle!

  12. That looks fun
    Right up my alley
    A thorough play-test series at the club, maybe :-)

  13. Go the beetle, gives me an idea he would look good fighting some dark age warriors or such like.

  14. this looks very promising. im very curious about the rules

  15. I thought this was for 20mm? Did you scale up the templates or just use them as they are?

    1. This was a very early playtest so i actually dosen't remember but i don't think so.