Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stockholm 1392 model at the Letchworth Showcase 2015

Just wanted to give you a heads-up if your are closeby Letchworth on sunday 18th October 2015 as the Stockholm 1392 Terrain that Jan built and the minis I painted for our Salute game will be shown at the Showcase 2015 run by Letchworth Scale Model Club at the Broadway Hotel,

Jan will be there to show the model that he have worked some more on, added details etc and his matey Peter will probably run one of the scenarios from our Stockholm 1392 article in Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Issu 80. don´t know if it will be a demo or participation game, but Jan´s model in it´s self are well worth a visit in my mind as wll as talking to Jan about swedish history and terrain building, in swedish if you prefere;)

I didn´t find much info on the Letchworth Scale Model Club about the event, but they might have more info somewhere on their page.

I did find some more info at the Letchworth Event page.

Letchworth Scale Model Club Showcase 2015, Sunday 18 Oct 2015

Discover art and history in miniature. Visit the local event of the year for Modellers, Gamers, and Collectors. Enjoy club displays, painting demonstrations, modelling, war games, trade stands, competitions, and a raffle/tombola!

Open from 10am until 4pm.

Adults £3, Seniors and Children under 15 £1

And if you don´t have the possibility to go there here are some more pictures from Salute taken by Sidney Roundwood, as all Stockholm 1392 pictures in this blog post, please also have a look at his most exellent blog Roundwood´s World.


  1. That's very cool Michael, well done!

  2. Darn it, I will be nowhere near Letchworth this weekend...

    The city looks amazing!

  3. Still gutted I missed this ... And now again! ;)


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