Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dalregiment in Russia 1708 #1

My mateyes Sören and Jesper have started up a Greate Northern War campaing at the Club, revolving around the Swedish invasion of Russia 1708 and using the Black Powder rules.

Each of the participating club member have painted their own battalion of a Swedish Regiment that they wanted to command during the campaign, I ofcours painted the Dalregiment...

The first outing was the Battle at Holowczyn 1708 and we was 11 players in cluding the 2 umpires that run the Russians. Here are some pictures from the game and with focus on the heroic 1st battalion of the Dalregiment :)

The Swedish Batallions

Swedish attack in the unprotected flank of the Russian fieldwork

Repning´s Grenadiers defending the fortifications...

The 1st batalion of the Dalregement charges...

Clering the Russian filedwork...

...was to a cost, but Karl XII came and rallied them... they could continue their heroic battle... least for a while...

I´m not sure how it all ended as I had to retire with the remaining part of the 1st batallion of Dalregimentet...


  1. Another excellent looking game Michael.

  2. A great game indeed, and nice to see so many of the club members rally around the table for a GNW scenario!

  3. Now that is a very nice club game. If I'm ever in Stockholm, expect a call...:)

  4. A great looking battle. It's really cool you can get so many folks to participate.

  5. Great photos Michael! This was a very fun game indeed.

  6. Always nice to see your Dalregiments of different eras in action. :-) /Mattias

  7. What a lovely looking game Michael!



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