Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Swedish TYW Company for the Pikeman´s Lament

Some group shots of my Swedish Company from the the Dalregiment for our Thirty Years War club campaign playtesting the Pikeman´s Lament rules.

I have aimed for a battleworn unit with a mix of uniform (blue and red uniform, no historical evidence for that unitll 30 years later...but anyway...) and odd clothes as well as true men from Dalarna mixed up with Germans, Scotts and other to fill the depleeted ranks of the company.

To keep the 2:3 ratio of Pike and Shot the compossition of my 24 point Swedish company will be:

1x6 Forlorn Hope (Colour guard with the Officer) @ 4 pts
2x12 Pike @ 4 pts each
3x12 Shot @ 4 pts each

If I would feel the need for some skirmishers I will divide one of the Shot units in to 2x6 Commanded Shot @ 2 pts each.



  1. Fantastic looking company Michael! Will be lovely to see them on the table eventually.

  2. Excellent work! They really do look lovely:)

  3. That's a mighty fine body of men Michael.

  4. Again, I must compliment your 3-2-1 basing system - it looks great, even on a larger format like this.

  5. A fine looking unit Michael, basing works a treat. Gives an idea on how to base stuff up ready for the rules too.

  6. Splendid! They look great all together like that, and you got them finished really fast aswell! Most impressive. I might have to steal the idea of a small colour guard unit. /Mattias

  7. Your swedish force is just awesome!