Sunday, October 18, 2015

The FireFirge Medieval Russians pre-order are up and running

It seems like the The FireFirge Medieval Russians pre-order are up and running, You find it here

In the plastic box you will get 5 sprues, each consisting of:

5 different bodies
11 different heads
1 Faceplate
5 Shields (3 different types)
5 arms for shields (3 different types)
1 arm with sword
1 arm with mace
2 different set of two-handed weapons
2 different set for bow
2 quivers for arrows
1 bow case with bow
4 spears

Some pictures of  3-ups from the upcomming plastic box.

Some conceptart pictures for the resineminis.


  1. Now they look pretty good to me. I just wish they were 10mm and then I'd be a very happy chap!

  2. I'm not a fan of Fireforge's earlier plastics but these look pretty good. I might be in for a box or some resin packs.

  3. Look great 25 to a box sounds like I might start a new saga faction.


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