Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Alexander Nevsky - WIP pictures

I just got to share these WIP pictures I got of the upcoming resin model of Alexander Nevsky from FireForge games as a part of their new Medieval Russians range.

A truly stunning commander, my only issu are that he feels a little bit to old as he was only 19 years old at the Battle of Neva in 1240 and only 21 at the Battle of Lake Peipus in 1242, atleast according to the books I have. But I suppouse he are to look like the Nevsky in the Eisenstein film and that is totaly ok with me :)

You can see more of the project at their webbpage and also support thirr ForgeStarter for the new Medieval Russians range.

Here are a filmclip from the Eisenstein film "Battle of the Ice"


  1. Personally, I dislike raised details like what they have on the shield especially. That rock is massive as well. Otherwise kind of neat looking.

  2. It's a really nice model but a bit over-the-top for my taste.

    Is it a 3-up? That would explain the exaggerated details like the scales and the shield decorations.

    1. It is a prototype. Resin cast has no 3-up process. The sculpture need to be in 28mm scale but with details more rounded due to the shrinking that will occure in the production process.

    2. Cheers Michael! You learn something new every day. :)

  3. Wow!

    Great sculpt but I think I'd prefer the shield to be 'bare'.

    Just my humble opinion of course :>)