Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas and a Dragon Rampant AAR with Santa;)

Merry Christmas to you all !!!

As it is Christmas I thought I should give my readers a christmas gift and it is in the form of a scenario to the rules you all probably will get anyway from santa, Dragon Rampant... if you by some strange reason haven´t been nice enought to get it you can always ordera a copy here ;)

Any way the senario have a bit of a Christmas theme and involves Santa Claus that you all ofcoure know live in the Darlecarlia region in Sweden. link to his home

I also included and short AAR...most pictures, from the test game of the scenario that I, my son and daughter had yesterday.

Seems like my two pages of scenario cant be seen here...If you save the pictures you should be able to see and read the scenario, sorry for that.

I include the Scenario text below to.

Saint Nicholas adventures in the North - A snowy scenario for Dragon Rampant 

Once Upon a Time there was a Bishop named Nicholas that was known for his kindness and always prepared to give gifts to any one that believed in the right faith. This story take place in a time when many people still was pagans and worshiped the old gods. 

Nicholas was Bishop in the land of the Swedes that was rules by King Erik the Great and not long before the midwinter the Bishop got a revelation. He saw that the Pagan Suomi tribe on the other side of the Baltic Sea wanted to take the rightful faith and also get help from the invading pagan Chud Warriors. 

Bishop Nicholas packed up gifts in 3 sledges and also convinced King Erik to quickly assemble a Crusading force for protection. As the winter was very cold the Åland Sea was frozen so they should be able to march all the way to the Suomi head village Turku to leave the gifts and fight of the pagans, of course only after the Suomi had taken the rightful faith. 

BUT… the Queen Louhi ruler of the pagan Chud Warriors had of course revealed Bishop Nicholaus plan and conspired to set up an ambush close to the Suomi land. 

The Bishop Nicholas and the Crusaders must move the 3 sledge units in to the village in the NE Zone. The Pagan Chud Warriors must prevent this from happening.

  • Bishop Nicholas the gift giver in his sledge (Single model unit) 1 Heavy Rider + Chariot + Gift giver @ 8 points Gift giver: Even the naughtiest person would love to get a gift and don´t want to hurt the gift giver. Any unit that makes a successful ordered activation for an Attack or Shoot at Bishop Nicholas need to pass a Courage test or they lose their activation as they opening their new gifts instead. HOHO… Sledges with gifts (Single model unit) 
  • 2 Heavy Riders + Chariot @ 6 points each King Erik and the crusaders 
  • 1 Elite riders @ 6 points 
  • Queen Louhi – Witch with the ability to shape changing and weave mighty enchantments. (Single model unit, beautiful women or angry bear) 1 Light Missile + Lesser Warbeast + Were Creatures @ 9 points 
  • Iku-Turso – The troll (Single model unit) 1 Greater Warbeasts + Fear + Hatred against sledges @ 9 points 
  • Chud Warriors 2 Bellicose Foot @ 4 points each 
The Bishop Nicholas and the Crusaders deploys in the SW zone and the Pagan Chud warriors must split his forces across the SE and NW deployment zones (at least 4 points of the warband in each zone). Play this scenario on as large a table as you are able to.


Play continues until all three sledge units have been routed or have arrived in the village in the NE Zone.

The Bishop Nicholas and the Crusaders must safely move the sledges to the NE zone. Each sledge unit that arrives safely earns them 2 Glory and an opportunity for the Bishop to become Saint Nicolaus or Santa Claus as you might know him. The Pagan Chud must prevent this by capturing the sledges, i.e. destroy or rout them. Each captured sledge earns them 2 Glory and the possibility to cancel Christmas. Both players gain/lose Glory for Quests.

My son was in charge of Bishop Nicolas and my daughter was in charge of Queen Louhi, ver nice that both the kids joined in for this chrismas themed gaming session. It was a tense game ad untill the last round it was not sure if christmas should be saved. I hope the pictures tells the storry.

Have a really nice Christmas !!!

Christmas is saved :)


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