Friday, December 18, 2015

WS&S 82

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy 82 are coming soon...or at least before Christmas I hope:)

The theme are WWII in the desert, not much Swedish connection there, so I hope my article and scenarios, revolving around the Swedish Crusades to Estonia, will find you well.

Seems like one of my pictures also made it to the cover :)

Feature: "Swedish steel in the conquest of the Baltic - The Swedish Crusades" 
According to the Eric Chronicles, King Eric rallied knights, farmers, and servants from the entire Swedish realm in what was known as the Ledung fleet, to combat the heathens. The King appointed Birger as the leader of the crusade. The chronicles tell us that the men were well-armed with weapons, helmets, and armour, and the women cried as the men embarked to sail across the Baltic Sea.

Read more about what to expect from Issue 82 here as well as order your copy.


  1. You are certainly racking up the credits Michael, well done Sir.

  2. That articel will certainly be of interest to me Michael, for my stalled Baltic Crusades for Lion Rampant and Hail Caesar!

  3. Looking forward to this issue. How do you find the time?

  4. Great stuff! Shall look forward to getting my copy!

  5. Very cool Michael! I'm eagerly awaiting my subscription copy.

  6. Awesome, you are a writing machine! :-) congrats!!