Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ship build #2 Guns !

I needed some deck guns, 6 of them, there are openings in the side of the boat for 4 guns on each side but one on each side are just by the stair case and i didn´t want to modify it so i just go for 3 guns on each side.

I had a look around for 28mm wargaming guns especially the Foundry ones as I already had 2 of them but sins they was so expensive I continued my search,... Crusader miniatures have a pack with 4 small guns that look ok and to a good cost of  £6.50 (£1.63 each) but i needed 6 of them so had to order 2 packs if using them.

My search ended whan I at The Model Dockyard found "Decorated Cannon With Carriage 40mm barrel" for just £1.35 each, that got me 6 guns for £8.10.

The Size of the guns was about the same as the Foundry ones I already had, I will have them on a 2mm thick base to get them in a good possition, the bases are 30mm in diametre.

Top one are from Foundry


  1. They look great Michael suitably ornate ?

  2. What a great find and a bargain to boot Michael.

  3. Nicely done Micke, and what a bargain price! Merry Christmas buddy, see you in 2016!

  4. Your project is coming along nicely and you have done a great paint job on these to fit in with your ship.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family Michael,

  5. They certainly look the part. Merry Christmas!

  6. This is coming along nicely! The guns are great additions and a bargain too it seems.

  7. Nice cannons Michael.I chose to make my own and the convert them to naval cannons myself using Prince August tin-moulds:Tennform Karoliner Kanon 3-pund Nr 951-article:43951
    God Jul!