Sunday, January 15, 2017

11 days to release... Cavalry Clash TYW AAR

The count down to the official release date of The Pikeman´s Lament rules continue:) Todays blogpost will show you some pictures from a TYW cavalry engagement from our playtesting of the rules.

The aim for the game was to see how Trotters, that have close range shooting and Gallopers, that are pure close combat cavalry matched up...

OOB - Protestants

6 units of Agressive Gallopers @ 4 points each (Agressive imply that they have the Wild Charge rule and are better of in Attack)

OOB - Catholics

4 units of Elite Trotters @ 6 points each (Elite imply that they have a increased Stamina to represent their Elite Status)

The terrain might not have been the best for cavalry units but who can always decide where to run in to the enemy, this time it was a small German farm just waiting to be looted by the victorious side...

I won´t take a turn by turn AAR, just a recap of the big picture, hope you can see the different stages in the pictures below. Due to the dence terrain the Catholics taktic was to try to lure the Protestants in between the houses so theu just had to faceoff one of the Agressive Galloper unit at the time.

Trotters should ride up close to be able to fire and continue to fire untill the enemy either waver or charge due to the shooting. Trotters are good in Defence especially Elite;)

Gallopers should as quickly as possible move up to the enemy and engage them in a devastating charge, it can be good to have either a unit of Commanded Shot, that can soften the enmeny up before the charge of the Gallopers OR a second unit of Gallopers that can exploit the first units attack. By grading the Gallopers Agressive they will get an further edge in Attack BUT theu get hard to controll and can get lured in to rought going, indeed a double edged sword.

In our game the Protestant Gallopers could not at first make any good use of their numbers, but in the end they managed, with high losses, to grind down the Catholic Trotters and win the day.

The cotton in some of the pictures have no effect on the game, just for my estetik of the pictures;) Most of the minis are from Warlord Games Cuirassiers boxed set and the Pike & Shotte Cavalry plastic boxed set and a few of them are from The Assault Group. The lovely houses are from Perry Miniatures and was converted by my friend Mattias at Northern Wargaming.


  1. Beautiful game. I'm looking forward to Pikeman's Lament. Over here, some of us are rebasing according to the 3-2-1 scheme and counting the days 'til release.

  2. As David has said, we are looking forward to the release. There is a rumor that copies may arrive this week in our far, flung corner of the globe.

  3. Great report! Very interesting with an all cavalry engagement.
    For a closer look on how to the Perry buildings were converted please have a look here:

  4. Ditto re game. Been 3-2-1 basing and flocking pm today.

  5. I haven't wargamed this period before, but I have to say I'm tempted... Excellent work, Michael!

  6. Roll on the first week in February, when I get my copy of Pikeman's Lament.

  7. Awesome ... love the cavalry scrum. Thanks for posting! :-)

  8. Always impressive battle scenes,
    great show and spectacular slideshow