Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2 days to release... Gaming resourses

The final count down continues ;)

Today I have links to the different rosters included in The Pikeman´s Lament rules as well as a Quick Referense Sheet that we had to exclude from the rules due to space limits.

You can find them at Ospreys gaming resourses or direct from the links below.

Officer Roster

Company Roster

Quick Reference Sheet

I also thought I should give you an example of how we have filled out the Officers roster for one of our Officers in our Polish War campaign.


  1. Downloaded mine yesterday. Osprey really seem to be on top of their game.

    1. Haha... This time i was on top of osprey as i asked Joe about them last week :)

  2. Great! A QRS is always handy. And I might need a new roster as my officer Matheus von der Neckar met a tragic end in our last game... :-) Your son was a skilled opponent!

  3. Bloody hell, I'm impatient. Maybe one more week and I'll have my copy. It's like waiting for fricking Santa Claus...I'm a big kid.

  4. Hi Michael - thanks so much for posting these here on your blog. Really useful, and a perfect complement to the rules!