Monday, January 23, 2017

3 days to release... Release gaming at the Club

Last week I set up a game at the club for my playtesters to celebrate the release and arrivel of the Pikeman´s Lament Rulebook, some dainty sandwich, sparkling wine and a good game of The Pikemans Lament, thats a party indeed ;)

We continued our Polish War campaign with a all out Cavalry engagement, Both sides tried to get hold of three objectives and hold on to them as long as possible to be able to get the victory. The Objectives was the bridge, the house and the hill in the center of the gaming table. for each game turn your side had a unit within 3" of it you would get 1 victory point, but if both you and the enemy had units within 3" it would be contested and no side got any voictory points from that objective. We decided to run the game untill one side had got 12 victory points, All officer on that side would be awardes 5 Honour.

I wont give you a full AAR or OOB as I was to caugth up to run the game, but i think some of my mateys at the club will run a full AAR and I surely give you the link to it then.

Here are some pictures from the game, Polish to the left and Swedish to the right




  1. Great looking game and launch party.

  2. Brilliant, fine looking table with nicely turned out toys.
    The rule book looks great too, need to get painting the figures I have in stock now.

  3. I'll get a copy and bring it down to the club for you to sign.

  4. Congrats on the book release and great looking game.

  5. Congratulations!!!
    Great looking game, really nice.

  6. I can only second what others have said - congratulations on the book's release and a great looking game.

    Troops are ready and there is a sharp lookout posted for the mail!