Friday, January 13, 2017

13 days to release... a 24 points Company for just £12

If you want to quickli paint up a 24 point Company for The Pikeman´s Lament and as well spend as little as possible of your hard earned money I have a little tip.

Warlord games have a box of "Firelock Storming Party plastic boxed set" with 18 minis for just £12.

18 minis will that really be enought for a full 24 point Company to the Pikeman´s Lament I here you say.. Indeed it is if you field them as 3 units of Veteran Forlorne Hope @ 8 points each (6 minis in each unit).

This 24 point company that are only 18 minis are a real elite company that will perform very well, especially in shooting, but be sure to protect them as they are few...

If you manage to get hold of 6 more minis, for example by getting your hands on a blister of Warlords stunning "Petard Assault Team", you can field your 24 minis as 2 units of Forlorn Hope @ 6 points each and 2 Units of Agressive Forlorn Hope @ 6 points each.

Unfortunate I havent got them so I built my own from diferent plastic parts...

This 24 point company that are 24 minis of whom half are fire support and half are designated close combat troops. Well handeled this company can overthrow any enemy company, but once again protect your troops from enemy fire so they won´t be all depleated before the final charge.

Last some pictures of my first painted minis this year, a box of "Firelock Storming Party" mixed up with some Warlord plastic Cavalry to be fielded as Dragoons.


  1. Great looking figures and sound economic advice,a great idea!

  2. Fantastic looking miniatures
    best regards

  3. 14 days... Thats a long time. However i thought about playing 20mm with stunning models from Zvezda etc.

  4. You'll have to do a blog entry showing how you convert a few miniatures.

    Great little unit - at a steal of a price!

  5. Great idea and wonderful conversions Michael.

  6. Good ideas, I might use your suggestions...

    I'm really looking forward to the Pikeman's lament by the way. The only thing I'm waiting for (apart from the release-date) is that I'm waiting for now is Warlord Games re-release of Wargames Factory's old Marburlian boxes. I just hope that I can convince them to release a seperate sprue with kapurs-wearing heads so they can be turned into the Caroleans of Karl XI... :P

  7. The Rampant rule sets are really flexible and great to play. /Mattias

  8. That's some tremendous painting, just as we came to expect of you! Very handy tips as well it seems. Maybe I should give these rules a try... just to scratch that little TYW itch. Wallenstein I hear you coming.

  9. Superb! They're a colorful, murderous lot.

  10. Looking forward to these rules,started painting up units in 54 mm,then have to make houses and gunpositions etc,doing new model army first,then newcastle whitecoats.

  11. Good colors,
    diverse group and
    magnificent buildings.