Sunday, January 8, 2017

18 days to release... 1,2,3, Basing

In the Pikeman´s Lament I have included the guide for my 1,2,3 Basing that I have started to use for my 28mm skirmish minis. I get a lot of question about way and also of course questions regarding base sizes etc so I thought it was good to re-post the information for all you that might want to base your minis for The Pikemans Lament in this way, Ofcourse you play the rules with almost any bases.

It all started with me being lazy, thinking it was tiresome to move all single based minis around...what about movement trays you say... indeed they can be good to have but using rules with casualty removal then you soon end up with movement trays with missing minis and that dosen´t look good at all, and we do want our games to look good dosen´t we...

So I started to test aroud to base several minis on the the same base and still keep some singlebased for "change", after some testing with number of minis and base sizes I ended up with the 1,2,3 basing you now can see me using on my Pike and Shot minis and also started to use on my Medieval ones.

The 1,2,3, basing gives me good looking units while retaining the feel of skirmish gaming, as well as speeding things along with fewer bases to move and with the possibility to remove casualties, sounds like a winning concept ;)

It will also be the recomendend basing style in my and Dan Merseys up comming Pike and Shot rules, The Pikemans Lament, of course the rules are mainly writen for singlebased minis but as they, like Lion Rampant, are very forgiving regarding formation and basing you can use all kind of based minis even the 1,2,3 basing, luckey me...

So down to business...

  • 1 model on a round 25mm base 
  • 2 models on round 30mm bases 
  • 3 models on round 40mm bases 

  • 1 model on a round 40mm base 
  • 2 models on a round 50mm base 
  • 3 models on a round 60mm base 

  • 1 gun on a base large enough to hold it  and the gunner models based like other infantry units 

Using this basing standard means that you easily group the bases together in 6 or 12 models depending on troop type and still remove casualties with ease, if/when you need to...

If you have really bulky minis you might wan´t to add 5-10 mm on the communal bases to fit all minis in, but I rather have them close toghether (maybe cutting some off/adjusting the models base) than increase the base size.

I hope this answer all your questions regarding the 1,2,3, basing.

Seems like North Star, as usual, got the Osprey Wargames books early and also have sent them out to all pre-orders, lucky ones, not even my playtesters have got their boos yet, but they should be on their way cross the north sea transported by the Swedish Royal Flagshup Vasa;)


  1. I have always thought that this was a clever idea Michael, I shall look forward to reading it in more detail.

  2. How comes your pictures are so tiny?

  3. My copy was waiting for me upon my return home today- I count myself most fortunate.
    p.s they look great well done Dan & Michael!

  4. Its a clever and flexible basning system. I think it works really good even for closed order with the bases in base to base contact.

  5. It's a great basing idea, Michael. Looking forward to my copy of your book arriving any day now...