Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 retrospect

So it is that time of the year...2017 have just started and i bring you a summery of 2016 for my blog. I hope you have liked my posts during the year even if I had a low output during the last 3 month, the ordinary life took to much attention. numbers...

1 Trip to Salute, Running the Battle at Foteviken 1134 demonstration game with master terrainbuilder Jan. Thanks to Collin, Tony, Jonas, Jesper and Steve that helped out during the day !
1 Wargaming rules with my name and pictures in it, The Men That Would be Kings by Dan Mersay published by Osprey
2 Wargaming rules with my name in it, Dragoon Rampant by Dan Mersey published by Osprey and Burn and Loot published by Fire Forge games
1 U-Boat built
1 Gun Yawl built
6 Published articles in Wargaming Soldier and Strategy
4 Buildings built
20 AAR´s published on my blog, I really hope you like them, even fewer then last year.
94 Painted 28mm mounted minis
107 Blogposts
546 Followers ! Thank you very much to you all !!! and especially thanks to the 40 new one that signed up during 2016, very appreciated !
566 Painted 28mm foot mnis
700 000+ page vievs sins I started this blog in 2010

Here are some random pictures from the year:



  1. Very impressive numbers there Michael. All the best for 2017.

  2. Quite a productive year there, look forward to more of your posts in 2017, they are always fist class. Look forward to the releasee of TPL too.

  3. An excellent and productive year. Always so much eye candy on offer! Best for 2017.

  4. A busy year, let's all hope 2017 is as good for us all as 2016 😀

  5. Green of envy with your achievements :-)
    Looking forward to more inspiring stuff from your blog in 2017

  6. A very busy and impressive year Michael, hope 2017 is equally as good!

  7. That´s an impressive amount of painted figs etc!!! Happy new year Michael

  8. Thank you for all your hard work. I find it inspirational.

  9. Beautiful games and a lot of them ... and a lot of contribution to the hobby as a whole. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished this past year. Happy new year! I look forward to your 2017 gaming! :-)

  10. An incredibly productive year! I shall look forward to following your blog through 2017!

  11. Happy new year! Quite a productive year I must say and a very high quality blog. On a personal note I'd like to thank you for providing a lot of inspiration through out the year and for inviting me to a couple of really great games.
    See you in 2017!

  12. Cheers for the new year and all the hobyproject it will bring.

  13. What an amazing year you've had Michael.

  14. Spectacular! And it was an honor and a pleasure to get to know you! Following your footsteps mate!
    P.S. Check out my 2016 -summary - you're in it!

  15. My #1 2016-achievement is to have my terrain in your first pic of your 2016 achiements :-D
    Looking forward to a new year. Cheers, mate!

  16. What a year you have had.
    Looking forward to see how this year shapes up.

  17. Quite some impressive stuff you managed to squeeze into 2016!